• Guitars starts at 3500 Cad
  • Instruments comes with their own unique booklet with letter of appraisal
  • Currently as of January 2017 have 7 orders to complete, this will take me at least a year and half to finish.
  • If you can wait that long i am open take / discuss on new order.
  • Returning customer or professional musician get 20% off.


  • Precious and rare woods such as old growth cedar from our own Stanley Park or 500 years old sitka spruce from the Sunshine Coast. Others includes under water "sinker" redwood from Oregon or old growth Koa harvested in the eighties at the foot of the Mauna Loa Volcano (Hawaii, Big Island).


  • New instruments carry a lifetime warranty. All warranties are non-transferable. It includes anything to do with normal wear but does not include finish wear, or any issue due to neglect or accident. It does not include issues associated with excessive wear or storage conditions, including high or low humidity and/or temperature issues. Please note that tuning gears, machine heads, etc are not covered.
  • In other words, you take good care of her and something went wrong with the guitar itself. She’s covered.
  • Brazilian Rosewoods – Ziricote etc – and other sensitive rosewoods will not be guaranteed against cracking. These woods can be very sensitive to sudden changes in humidity and or temperature. One mistake is all it takes.
  •  Guitars, as in any musical instrument, need regular maintenance. Please care for and maintain your guitar as this will help any and all warranty issues.