Every Detail Matters

The most important relationship for a musician is the personal bond between a player and his instrument. The guitar becomes an extension of you and enhances your performance and supports your creativity.

I am inspired by music, aesthetics, engineering and physics to make guitars that are one of a kind; modern and sophisticated designs, rich with traditional artisanal techniques and constructed from rare materials.

While growing up in France, my apprenticeships have taken me around the world learning from incredible masters of their craft with both a traditional artisanal and modern design focus.

Every detail matters. I love crafting these details and collaborating with musicians to design an object that suits any needs and surpasses all expectations.

Consider your instrument hundreds of years in the making: the wooden materials are selected and salvaged from some of the most beautiful and eclectic old growth forests in the world.

I have spent 20 years living on the Canadian West Coast I am compelled to use the diverse and rich materials that grow in this vast coastal region as the foundation for my constructions.  Wood inherently reflects a distinct journey of growth and organic formations and I expertly nurture the materials to form into an unparalleled object. I select only quality and rare materials that behold unique regional compositions such as old growth cedar from Vancouver’s Stanley Park, 500 years old Sitka Spruce from the Sunshine Coast, under water “sinker” Redwood from Oregon and old growth Koa harvested in the 1980’s at the foot of Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii.

I want to build for you a quality, innovative and creative instrument that is beyond compare in structure, sound and aesthetic. I want to build your musical soul mate.