• Guitars starts at 4200 Cad

  • Costs will vary depending on the characteristics and needs of your guitar. Additionally, construction and design can take several months to complete

  • Instruments comes with their own unique booklet with letter of appraisal

  • Due to the complex craftsmanship and rarity of materials I can take a limited number of orders each year. I have currently reached my order limit for 2018; however I am always open to discuss your order and seeing how we can arrange a design plan.

  • Returning customer or professional musician get 20% off.


  • Vancouver based Luthier and archtop maker who crafts various styles of guitars, violins, violas and cellos that are European at heart and West Coast in spirit. Currently residing in East Vancouver, Thomas’ lifelong education in his craft has culminated into a unique blend of European knowledge, elegance and tradition with exquisite and unmatched West Coast grown materials.


  • All instruments come with their own booklet describing their characteristics, materials and structure. The booklet will also include a letter of appraisal. It’s your instrument’s birth certificate, provenance and memoir all in one.

    All my instruments carry a non-transferable lifetime warranty.

    Warranty covers the following conditions:

    ·       Modest instrument wear.

    Warranty does not cover the following conditions:

    ·       Damage to finish wear.

    ·       Instruments that have been damaged due to accident or neglect.

    ·       Issues associated with excessive wear.

    ·       Issues associated with storage conditions including high or low humidity and/or any kind of temperature related damage.

    ·       Please note regular guitar maintenance such as tuning, machine heads etc. are not covered.

    ·       Brazilian Rosewoods, Ziricote and other sensitive rosewoods will not be guaranteed against cracking. These woods can be very sensitive to sudden changes in humidity and temperature.

    In other words, please take care of your guitar, she’s the love of your life!